Consumer expert

Eva Steensig

Post Corona: The conjectures versus facts

What happens to the Danes beyond Corona? Are the Danes becoming more introverted or more social? Are we going into hide and saving our money, or are we all becoming shopaholics? Does a crisis like the Corona-crisis change our behaviour for good or do we remember our old habits and doings?

The lecture is based on a comprehensive analysis of the Danes behavioural changes in crisis situations and of what happened to the Danes everyday lives during the Corona-crisis. It is a vivid and entertaining description of behavioural patterns of both those that will evaporate and those that will shape our behaviour as citizens, employees, customers, and consumers the forthcoming years.

In addition, Eva presents strategic paths and opportunities given rise to by behavioural changes. The lecture is aimed at companies and organisations in need of understanding their future reality post Corona regarding their employees, citizens, and consumers.   

Eva Steensig is Denmark’s leading consumer expert. As a fixed part of the Danish media during the past 20 years, she has shared her knowledge about consumer behaviour and change. She is the woman behind the concept Hidden Disruption, which truly has affected businesses and organisations to increase their interests for changes in behavioural patterns.