Mayor of aarhus

Jacob Bundsgaard

Tomorrow’s trade and the state post-Corona

Since 2002, Jacob Bundsgaard has been a regular component of the municipal management in Aarhus, where he has held the role of mayor for almost 9 years.  

In addition, Jacob Bundsgaard is chairman of the National Association of Local Authorities (Kommunernes Landsforening), which provides a greater national political insight into differences and needs across Denmark.

At Commerce Excellence 2021, Jacob Bundsgaard will talk about tomorrow’s trade in the East Jutland business community and the state post-Corona. Also, Jacob Bundsgaard will announce his suggestion to how e.g., Aarhus Municipality is able to support the development of the business community the following years.

The entire lecture is too in accordance with what Jacob Bundsgaard wants to be associated with when it comes to growth and ambitions within the municipality, which he is politically supreme responsible for