Professional board member

Karina Boldsen

The productive board’s work in time of crisis

The productive board’s work is more important than ever in time of crisis. Covid-19 has created a global crisis, demanding a different kind of board’s work and another effort than previous.

We must think business development and new methods in a wide sense and the strategy is more important than ever. Furthermore, the boards have an obligation to motivate and create hope.

It has created a need for new energy and expertise into the board rooms, both crisis management and Supply Chain expertise.

Karina Boldsen presents the productive board’s work in a time of crisis. As always Karina Boldsen shares her personal experiences and updates you on what is happening in the board rooms right now.

Karina Boldsen comes from the financial sector and has worked as HR Director at Vestas Wind System DK and in Salling Group A/S as well as being COO in the IT company, Solitwork.

Today she works as a professional board member, both as chairman and ordinary member, among others for Vestjysk Bank, Aarhus Business College, Campfire, Himmerlandskød og FirstFarms A/S.

Since 2013 Karina has advised companies in strategy, board work, board composition, generational handover and much more. She is happy to share her knowledge based on many years of experience. The goal is to create a perceptible business development.

”For me knowledge sharing is one of the most important tasks, where I use my network and I always try to find unused potential – both in the company and at the management.”