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Berit Svendsen


Berit started as a scientist at the research institute of Televerket (later Telenor) in 1988 and has until recently worked at Telenor. She had several roles in the company, EVP and CEO for Telenor Norway and from March 2017 to September 2018 she was responsible for all Telenor’s activities in Scandinavia. She has the heart of a true tech enthusiast and curious about innovation and development.

In 2016, Berit was named one of Europe’s fifty most inspiring women in the technology world by Inspiring Fifty. In 2017 and 2018 she was named the most powerful woman in Norwegian business by Kapital, the largest business magazine in Norway.

Berit started in Vipps in November 2018 to lead the international expansion of Vipps.  Her focus is to create more digitised and cashless societies worldwide.

Berit is also Adjunct Executive in Residence at Norwegian Business School and heads the “Svendsen Committee” on behalf of the Ministry of Defense to assess the future need for competence and diversity in the Armed Forces based on a changed threat picture.

Kjøp billett til Commerce Excellence 2020 i Oslo19. November 2020



Commerce Excellence 2020